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There are so many exciting adventures that await you in Melbourne you simply must create a travel plan so you don’t miss any of the exciting sights or attractions that are here to for you to enjoy.

I would highly recommend you research and make your Hotel Reservations at least 2 months in advance prior to your trip.  Many of the best hotels near and around Melbourne fill up very quickly, especially during the summer tourist season. [Read more...]

My Stay at the Citadines on Bourke in Melbourne Made My Business Trip a Breeze

Citadines buildingEven though I was raised in Melbourne, we currently live outside the city because I often have to travel for business,  I like to make sure that I find a hotel that is comfortable and that has all the amenities that I’d have at home to make my stay all that much better. I also need something that is central to all the places that I would need to visit, so that is why during my last trip to Melbourne I chose to stay at the Citadines on Bourke. This hotel is located right at the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District, and is within walking distance from many popular spots such as the QV Centre, the Bourke Street Mall and Her Majesty’s Theatre. While staying at this hotel, I had access to major financial and business offices, plus all kinds of restaurants that are known the world over as being some of the best. [Read more...]

Choosing an Australian City for Residence

If you are thinking about migrating and moving permanently to Australia, one of the major decisions you have to make is choosing a city to live in. Moving to a country can be exciting and adventure-filled; but if you happen to choose the wrong city, then you might regret your decision of migrating. Therefore, it is important to know what your needs and preferences are in order to make the right choice.

Choosing a city to reside in Australia is not as easy as you might think. The country is expansive, covering an area of almost three million square miles. Within its territory lie big and small cities and towns, beaches, rivers and lakes, vineyards, desert, the outback, and several islands as well. One city is different from the next, in terms of climate, population, educational and career opportunities, and general ambience. Because of the variety of options that you have to consider, it is helpful to be familiar with some of the country’s cities before making your crucial decision.

Sydney is the capital of Australia. Like most capital cities, it is a bustling metropolitan with a large number of inhabitants. It is also the financial hub of the country. If you love the fast-paced life and are looking for a lucrative job opportunity, then Sydney can be a good option.

Melbourne is the place for the cultural and history buff, with many musical and entertainment events happening throughout the year. Every January, it hosts the Australian Open, a grand slam tennis tournament featuring the best players in the world. Its Albert Park is also the venue of the Australian Grand Prix, a prestigious Formula 1 racing event. For the creative person, Melbourne’s character and vibe would be a good fit. However, it is also known for very cold winters.

If you prefer a more relaxed life, then you can take a serious look at Adelaide. This city is relatively small and its inhabitants are known for their friendliness. Some liken Adelaide to a Mediterranean city, with its beaches, sunshine and quiet atmosphere. A must-do in Adelaide is a cruise along the Murray River. Similar to the very popular European river cruises, a Murray River cruise will give you a glimpse of the area’s contrasting landscape and the diverse culture of the people.

Beach lovers would love to call the Gold Coast home, with its Surfers Paradise and other famous beaches. This city is a tourist magnet for its numerous theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries and carnival. In this city, the action never stops but living in it can be quite expensive.

To those who like living in the wild, Darwin can be like paradise. Although it is a modern city, it is not as populated as the other cities and is home to many crocodiles and sharks. It also enjoys tropical weather the whole year round. Because of its close proximity to Southeast Asia, many people pass through the city to travel to Indonesia

Whether you are a professional seeking a better career opportunity; or a retiree wanting some peace and quiet; or an adventurer looking for action, Australia has a place for you.

Finding a Vacation Rental in Melbourne

For holidaymakers, vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to hotels and resorts.  This is because rentals offer more value for your money, especially if you are planning on an extended stay. Rentals provide lower accommodation costs per person and there are a variety of locations to choose from. Most of all, you also get significant savings on your vacation budget by being able to prepare your own meals.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest cities and millions of foreign and local tourists visit it every year. In addition to the numerous hotels and resorts that accommodate these visitors, there are also vacation homes for you to rent. Melbourne has a vibrant property market so you will not find it difficult to find one that will suit your budget and taste. There are whole houses for the travelling family and one-bedroom units for the sole tourist. Some can be found by the beach and there are those that are within the city.

Rental laws in Australia are implemented by the state. In the case of Melbourne, it is the state of Victoria but these laws are pretty much the same for the whole country. If you are interested in renting a specific property, you have to lodge and application. Upon approval, you will be notified by the landlord in writing. It is common practice in to require the tenant to pay a rental bond and an advance for the rent. You should also be notified of your rights as a tenant as well as other conditions that the property owner might impose.

As a tenant, you will not be permitted to carry out repairs of any kind or interfere with the fixtures in your rented home. Thus, before finalizing the lease agreement, you must be certain of what amenities are provided. You might have particular requirements for pets, children or an elderly relative traveling with you; or there might be cooking equipment that you will need like a grill or a large oven. If you are a stickler for home safety like me, then be sure that the house is properly secured. When I rented a holiday home in the UK a couple of years ago, I hired the services of professionals to ascertain that the apartment I was planning to lease was secure. Luckily, I came across this website and was able to locate a reliable Locksmith Southampton branch office. Australia also has many locksmiths whose services you can hire to do the security check for you.

Other useful information you can look up on the web are rental rates. There are different sites that will provide you with different options in terms of locations and prices. This will enable you to find the best vacation deal.

So, the next time you go on holiday in Melbourne, or in any city for that matter, why don’t you consider spending it in a vacation rental? It makes good financial sense and you will certainly get more value for your buck.

Time Out from a Melbourne Conference

I love showing people around my hometown. Melbourne is absolutely the best city in Australia and I can prove it. If you haven’t already, take the time to read my other blog posts to come to a new appreciation of the town.

It’s not often I have a chance encounter which leads an opportunity to play tour guide with someone else paying for everything. That’s exactly what happened the other day. I nipped down to the nearby sandwich shop for my favourite Vietnamese baguette for lunch. I was starving so stopped right outside the door to take a huge bite.

There I was chewing furiously for that first rush of flavour when a drop-dead gorgeous hunk of a man in a stylish business suit approached me. After I assured him the shop made great sandwiches even though it looked like a hole-in-the-wall, he seemed inclined to chat. It turned out he was a solicitor from Queensland in town for a conference at the nearby Langham Hotel and had decided to skip out on the boring hotel lunch.

One thing led to another and I ended up offering to show him the sights of Melbourne while he was there. Having never visited our city before, he was pleased to say yes so we arranged to spend the evening together. I even gathered up half a dozen friends who quickly found out our visitor might be a solicitor specializing in agribusiness, but he was certainly not a stuffy suit.

My new friend said he’d love to see something exciting and different so we all traipsed over to Red Bennies. The restored art deco building is a tiered theatre and bar inside. It’s easy to spend hours enjoying cabaret, live music, DJs, and even a circus act or two, all at the same time. We took our time choosing from the eclectic selection of finger food such as tapas and pizzas, and figuring out which of the dozens of cocktails would be the best accompaniment. Sure, there are the usual entrees, but choosing one of those simply isn’t as much fun. What a great evening!

Our out of town solicitor decided he would stay over until Sunday if I had time to show him the rest of Melbourne. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d live up to our club night but was more than pleased to map out a busy schedule. He said he would go along with whatever I planned.

We had quite the time. After a late brunch on Saturday, we picked up rental bikes and did a leisurely tour along the Capital City Trail. It was a perfect day to cycle along the banks of the Yarra River. We passed the Victorian Arts Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens and the historic site of the Como House. However, we absolutely had to stop at Herring Island. The Environmental Sculpture Park has amazing installations by mostly Australian artists.

After five hours of biking and art gazing, we parted company for a brief rest and shower. I thought I’d push the limit a little more that night. We started with an early dinner of real Mexican food at Mamasita. Then, I took him to the Malthouse Theatre where the troupe is committed to testing the boundaries of performance art. We thoroughly enjoyed a raucous comedy. A nightcap in his hotel bar ended what our visitor called an exhausting, exhilarating day.

I did meet him the next morning for breakfast at Seven Seeds in the Queen Victoria Market. The incredible smells of the gourmet roastery were a sweet backdrop to the end of a weekend with a stranger. I have the feeling I was at my best showing my Queensland solicitor our marvelous Melbourne and will probably see him again.

How to Finance Your Vacation in Melbourne

Melbourne is certainly one of the best places in the world, and I’m not just saying this because I’m from Melbourne. All of my friends from other places who have visited Melbourne have said that Melbourne is one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited. This is because the city of Melbourne has some of the best beaches in the world, in addition to offering people an amazing nightlife. Of course, if you aren’t from Australia, you might find having a vacation in Melbourne to be quite expensive. The good news is that anyone can now actually easily build their vacation fund thanks to advancements in technology and finance. Through the help of amazing binary options brokerages such as Banc de Binary (see: Banc de Binary testimonials) you can earn enough money to go on an amazing vacation here in Melbourne easily.

Over the past few years, those with quite a bit of wanderlust have been doing binary options trading. This is because frequent travellers now find binary options trading to be a great source of travel money. After all, to make a good amount of money off binary options trading, people only have to correctly guess the price movements of certain underlying assets. The best part is spending just an hour or two a day doing binary options trading is enough for people to earn thousands of dollars a month.

Of course, when choosing a brokerage to work with, people should make it a point to only consider ones that offer amazing services, in addition to being legitimate. One of the best binary options brokerages out there is Banc de Binary. This is because the Banc de Binary minimum investment is only a couple hundred dollars. Also, the brokerage offers clients an amazing trading platform that makes binary options trading such an easy, profitable experience. If I had to recommend just one brokerage, I would definitely recommend Banc de Binary.

“By doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary, I was able to earn more than a hundred thousand dollars in just two months. I used this money to finance my vacation in Melbourne. Thanks to the fact that I had lots of extra money, I was able to enjoy everything Melbourne had to offer. I was able to book a room at one of the best hotels in the world and enjoy the many amazing beaches of Melbourne. I’m definitely going to go back to Melbourne someday. Or maybe next year; after all, I can easily earn money for it through binary options trading,” Tara Gleason, a friend of mine from the US, told me via e-mail.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get more people to consider going to Melbourne. You don’t have to worry about the travel expenses; so long as you do binary options trading with a great brokerage, you can easily earn enough money for it. Melbourne really is unlike any other place in the world. Australia might be a place that experiences really hot summers and wild bush fires, but once you get here, you will definitely realize that they don’t detract from the amazing experience tourists get while they’re here.

How to Get the Best Hotel Deals in Australia

frau öffnet tür mit chipkarteMelbourne, Australia is home to exciting tourist spots. From jaw dropping road trip destinations, to inspiring street art graffiti- Melbourne has all this and a lot more to offer to its visitors and residents. The wild festivals that are held yearly bring out many enthusiastic party lovers to the city, and to add on some of the best world-class wine is also produced here. To get down in peak seasons, it becomes quite a challenge to book the best hotel deals of Melbourne. Here is a guide to land into the best hotel deals with must haves outlined as well-

 Check Out Complimentary Deals

During occasions such as annual festivals, many hotels have complimentary deals that are designed to attract large amount of customers. It becomes difficult to be able to choose one, since the price rates are quite high. One of the best ways to choose the best deals include weighing applicability of the deals according to personal needs and how much money can be saved through this. By succumbing enough points or deals, it may be possible to efficiently save up cash for other expenses such as shopping or travelling around.

Choose on the Basis of Location

Booking a hotel that is far off from the key locations of events and travelling can be beneficial in terms of low cost, but when the travel fare is summed up it would end up as equal or greater in cost. Moreover, the additional time in commuting to and from the hotel could also be utilized in a better way. Thus, try booking a hotel that is near key areas that have to be visited. If the trip is for a specific theatre group performance or for other famous tourist attractions then it would be best to get an accommodation nearby.

Comfort of the Room Counts

The size of the room may not be too important as most of the time tourists would be spending outdoors, hotel rooms merely act as a place to store luggage and resting. However, a few important comfort related factors must be present even for the short time duration that has to be spent there. For instance, having a foot massager is a plus, all the sightseeing and walking can lead to sore feet and having a massager can be quite a blessing. Additionally, check out rooms that have air humidifiers, as the cold air indoors can be quite uncomfortable leading to dryness. Many frequent travellers suggest that despite of hotel rooms having humidifiers, the filters are not functional increasing chances of infections and health risk therefore personally owned air filters should be carried. Wholesale air filters are reliable filters for this purpose, can be visited for more details. The comfort level of any hotel room is dependent on these few vital factors.


Tips on Bringing Your Stuff When Migrating to Australia

Italian passport. Australia entry visa and border stampsSo you’re going to live in Australia for a few years! Papers are done and approved, you got a job position waiting for you in Melbourne, and you got a prospective apartment to live in. Everything is going the way you planned it.

Now you’re in the stage of deciding what and what not to bring as you migrate. You feel a little nostalgic thinking about leaving your living quarters for several years. But you must proceed and take careful consideration of these tips on what you can and cannot bring to your soon-to-be residence country:

Stuff You Should Forget About

Stating the obvious, do not bring any illicit drugs into the country for your own sake. You may spend the first weeks or even months in Australia in jail. Do not also attempt to bring any flammable substances like fireworks, liquids, gas cylinders, and others of such type.

Stuff You Should Declare Upon Arrival

In the Incoming Passenger Card you will be given upon arrival at the airport, you should declare any of the following you are carrying:

  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Pornography
  • Performance and image enhancing drugs
  • Animals, plants, and foods
  • Protected wildlife species
  • Works of arts and other heritage artifacts

There is an exhaustive list of this on the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website .

Stuff You Don’t Want to Throw Away

If you’re the type of person who attaches sentimental values over your things, there may be lots of furniture you do not want to dispose of. This could be your comfy sofa, bed, elegant huge vase, or TV. Or you simply do not want to buy new things in Australia.

You have two options: ship the stuff to Australia or store it in your home country. Shipping is a relatively easy process if you can find an excellent shipping company which will take care of picking up and shipping your stuff. It usually costs around $5000 and up depending on the quantity and size. These companies can also process permits and other documents required by the Australian government concerning shipments.

If you are going to live in Australia for only a year or two, it also makes sense to store your stuff somewhere safe. There are lots of companies that offer affordable and secure storage services which include rental of storage containers and off-site storage. Fees vary according to size and location of storage. To give you some heads up about these services, you can check out the website of Equipment Base . This site will help you search for storage deals that will best suit your needs.

Another option you may want to consider is simply renting out your place. Of course, you run the risk of your furniture and appliances being damaged or broken.

I know planning to move can be a bit stressful but all of it is going to be worth it when you see that Melbourne is definitely a city you would want to live in!

Roaming Around Melbourne

Melbourne City and Yarra River from SouthbankIf there’s one place where the weather is always perfect to roam around, that would be Melbourne. This is the most populous city in Victoria and the second most populous in the whole Australia, but it’s not over-crowded as what you may think. Melbourne has enough space to cater all tourists and locals, and it has more than enough sites and attractions to visit. These sites and attractions vary a lot – from fun and exciting places to relaxing and calming ones. And if you need treatments for health ailments and minor body aches, you can squeeze that in between your travels. There are many varicose veins treatment San Antonio clinics you can visit and others are a lot nearer. Plus, helpful websites like are also there thus; your Melbourne expedition will surely be perfect.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is a must visit in Melbourne. It offers a wide array of poultry products, seafood, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, deli foods and gourmet selections. This place also showcases affordable non-food items like clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelries and even handmade crafts. Now who would say no to dropping by this place? However, when you visit Queen Victoria Market, be sure to bring enough cash. Although the products there are highly affordable, the wide selection only means you have more to choose from and more high quality items to see.

Apostles at Great Ocean Road

If you’re seeking a beach destination, the Apostles at Great Ocean Road is the place to be. The 12 apostles are symbolized with 12 giant rocks present in the majestic ocean. In fact, they are stacked from the Southern Ocean and they also serve as focal point of the Port Campbell National Park. The rocks are naturally created, results of erosion o the limestone cliffs which began approximately 10-20 million years ago. Now isn’t that interesting…

Puffing Billy

Australia boasts its oldest and famously conserved steam railway, the Puffing Billy. This will take you to a 25-kilometer ride through thick and luscious forests to Gembrook and Emerald Lake Park. Aside from the fabulous journey, Puffing Billy also offers first-class dining experience with lunch, dinner and the very famous Devonshire tea. So if you’re worried of your tired legs and feet, you have the option to try riding this vintage train before visiting a varicose veins Orange County specialist. After all, you can always surf the internet through your tablets about leg and feet concerns with helpful sites like

Healesvile Sanctuary

Of course, a Melbourne trip won’t be complete without seeing furry, fluffy animals. The Healesvile Sanctuary is one of the most famous homes of kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, platypuses, emus and koalas in the city. Situated in the Yarra Ranges foothill, this place offers you a great view and experience of Australia’s wildlife. Currently there are around 200 animals that are taken great care of. It also showcases a session called “Meet the Keeper” where you and your kids can learn more about each animal.

Common Cosmetic Treatments – What you Need to Know

surgeryCosmetic treatment is a broad term used to refer to procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, used to improve physical appearance or correct defects on the human body. Cosmetic treatment can be classified into two: facial treatments and body treatments.

Facial treatments include:

  • Botox
  • Chemical peels
  • Cheek lifts
  • Chin surgery
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Face lifts
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Laser hair removal
  • Facial fillers
  • Rhinoplasty- surgical operations to improve the appearance of the nose


Body treatments include:

  • Tummy tucks
  • Arm lift
  • Liposuction
  • Augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Belt lipectomy
  • Inner thigh lift


Invasive and Non-Invasive Procedures

Cosmetic treatments can be further classified into invasive and non invasive procedures.

Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

An invasive procedure is a treatment that breaks the skin in some way. All major surgical procedures are invasive. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and chin surgery are all invasive.

As invasive procedures are more likely to call for lengthy recovery periods and may cause unintended complications, cosmetic surgeons are developing new surgical techniques which do not involve open surgery. Known as minimally invasive techniques, these procedures involve the use of a viewing scope and specially designed surgical instruments.

Compared to full open surgery, minimally invasive procedures are generally less painful, leave behind less conspicuous scarring and cost much less.

Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Non invasive cosmetic treatment procedures do not break the skin and are therefore all non surgical. These methods include

  • Application of creams
  • Oral medication and supplements
  • Laser therapy
  • Injectables
  • Microdermabrasion
  • High frequency treatment

While there is no shortage of dermatological experts offering non-invasive treatment to combat signs of aging, you cannot be too careful when looking for a reputable professional. A good example of such a professional is Dr Lawrence Jaegar, one of the highly rated specialists on the reputable HealthGrades directory.


Top Cosmetic Procedures for Scars and Blemishes

Cosmetic treatment is gaining popularity for getting rid of scars and blemishes. There are different types of scars .Your dermatologist will usually offer treatment based on the type and degree of your skin condition.

Laser skin resurfacing: This procedure involves the use of high intensity light to reduce scars and wrinkles by tightening the skin. The effects of laser surgery vary depending on the patient’s skin and the intensity of the treatment. The benefits of laser surgery last up to 5 years.

Chemical peels: This procedure is used to treat age spots, acne scars, wrinkles, dull skin texture and discoloration. Chemical peeling involves the removal of outer layers of the skin in order to trigger the growth of new, smooth and evenly colored skin. A patient may experience reddening and peeling that lasts a few weeks depending on the peel’s intensity.


Other Cosmetic Treatments

Botox: This procedure utilizes the botulinum toxin to paralyze muscle activity. Botox is popular for reducing facial wrinkles. Apart from aging skin, Botox is used to treat neck spasms, excessive sweating and an overactive bladder.

Juvederm: One of the most popular cosmetic treatments is Juvederm. This treatment is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance occurring naturally in the body. Juvederm fills out scars, plumps up lines, augments lips, checks wrinkles and gets rid of furrows.


My Thoughts on the State of the Melbourne Job Market

I consider myself so lucky to be living and working in Melbourne. It is one of the best cities in the world (and certainly the best in Australia – sorry Sydney). Australia, along with Melbourne, escaped the worst of the global financial crisis, but we are still feeling the impact – even in 2014! I am fortunate to have a job in an industry with very good long term prospects, but many haven’t been so lucky. There is lots of talk around the water cooler about the car manufacturers all pulling out of the country and the potential collapse of SPC has shocked everyone. It was this recent event that made me think about the current state of the job market in Melbourne.

Current Situation
The job market is currently fair and there are enough new jobs on the market to keep things interesting for those already employed, but not enough entry level jobs for those looking to enter the workforce. It has been a tough few years for those trying to find a new job in Melbourne and I know of many people that have been job hunting for more than six months. If the global markets continue to rebound then I think the job market in Melbourne and will also improve.

Hot Industries
IT and construction are the two hottest industries in the city and it looks as though they will remain this way for a long time to come. Another hot industry is the financial advice and services industries. This is partly due to the surge in interest for self managed super funds as people demand more control over their retirement savings. Manufacturing is the weakest industry in the country and this is true for Melbourne as well. A strong Aussie dollar and high wages are contributing to this problem.

Yearly Outlook
The yearly outlook for the job market in Melbourne is positive and I really think that there will be an increase in job vacancies by the end of the year. However, this will rely on positive growth in the Australian financial markets and the global financial markets. It will also be interesting to see what the Victorian government decides to do with infrastructure projects as this can offer so many jobs for the city of Melbourne. We can only hope that the government decides to put some plans in place so that we can create some extra jobs.

Long Term Outlook
The long-term outlook for the job market is also positive and it is expected that the population of Melbourne will overtake Sydney sometime in the next 50 years. This means that we will need more jobs and more services to cater for these people. I predict that, as the population of our city ages, the industry of aged care and health will see one of the biggest booms.

Melbourne really is the best city in Australia and has been a shame that our job market has been so weak for so long. It can’t be long before it bounces back and we return to the lowest unemployment rate in the country. After all, that’s exactly what the best city deserves.

Want a Vacation of a Lifetime? Come to Melbourne!

Laidback yet quirky, cosmopolitan yet modern, Melbourne has something for everyone: family entertainment, a combination of local and international art, high-end shops, multi-cultural restaurants, spectator sports, a posh nightlife and richness of ethnicity. For the beach lovers, Melbourne has a variety of beaches vacationers can choose from. If anything, Melbourne beaches are located just south of Melbourne city centre, certainly an added attraction its uniqueness.

Choosing the best months to explore Melbourne

Melbourne is well-known as the city with four seasons in one day. This may not be true for every day of the year, however, it certainly applies often enough for the city to deserve this label. If you are planning to explore Melbourne all around the weather, it is recommended to come over during the summer months of December-February. This is especially true if you like it hot enough to go swimming in local beaches. However, various travel authorities and experts agreed that autumn is the best season to enjoy Melbourne to the fullest. Vacationers can choose a variety of events to enjoy — several annual festivals, sporting events and other entertainment options. All these combined with a comfortable weather, it is fairly easy and enjoyable to come up with a Melbourne-in-autumn itinerary for everyone.

Where to go and what to explore: the best things in Melbourne

Definitely, the wide range of tourist attractions that Melbourne got to offer to vacationers are all worth exploring. From quaint cafes to cultural heritage places, to a combination of chic boutiques and wet markets, to outback scenarios and in-house entertainments, Melbourne is a wanderlust always waiting to be explored. However, when you are in Melbourne, the top things you should do/explore are the following:

  • For indomitable views, Eureka Skydeck is a must
  • Discover the best coffee in the world
  • Visit the Grainger Museum
  • Head to the Beach
  • Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Go around the Queen Victoria Market
  • Look for street art
  • Float in the air thru hot air balloon
  • Visit St. Kilda Pier at dusk

Deciding to stay longer in Melbourne? Hurrah!

Getting captivated by its laidback yet quirky atmosphere combined by its cosmopolitan and modern aura, the thought of extending one’s vacation at least, or getting relocated at most, is a challenged for most Melbourne vacationers. Even for those who stick to their schedule, the thought of going back again looms in the horizon.

If you decide to stay longer in Melbourne, aside from the reasons already pointed out, you will find a lot of practical options: where to stay, where to buy food and other daily home-stuff, where to shop and dine and a lot more. You will also find it impressive that the streets in Melbourne are easy to navigate as it is laid out in a grill-like position.

Melbourne also offers impressive services when it comes to promoting and maintaining sanitation. Cluttered environment is something that is not synonymous with Melbourne. The government of Melbourne requires residents and private businessmen to maintain its high standard of good sanitation.

So when you decide to make Melbourne a long-term place to stay, it is a good idea to hire professionals to assist you on your needs for sanitation. Renting a dumpster is one of the most efficient ways to do away with house clutters. You can check ( for the best dumpster rental information online. You can also contact a local dumpster rental and waste management company that will assist your needs for dumpster sizes and services.

All these and more, Melbourne is one great place to live with.

Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

computers workplaceConcerned about health and safety in the workplace? You should be. More and more employees are suffering repetitive stress injuries and other ailments that are directly related to their job duties. This is bad for employees and bad for employers who lose productivity and are oftentimes strapped with huge medical bills. In addition to injuries, the overall well being of employees has been in the spotlight recently as a number of studies have shown that healthy, fit employees are happier and more productive.

The following tips are designed for both employers and employs and will help improve the health and safety of the workforce.

  • Take Ergonomics Seriously. For employees that spend most of their day sitting at a desk using a computer understanding correct posture and typing position is a must. Slouching or holding your hands in the wrong position while typing can result in back, shoulder, and wrist issues, the most serious of which will need surgery to be fixed. All employees should have access to ergonomics training and should have their desk space audited by a specialist.


  • Take Breaks. Encouraging employees to take breaks during the day can do wonders for their health. 10 minutes walking around after long periods of sitting will get the blood flowing, increase the heart rate, and make them more alert when they return to work. Studies have shown that sitting continuously for long periods without moving is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Additionally, a few minutes away from the computer screen every hour is beneficial to the eyes and prevents strain which can lead to vision problems later in life.


  • Provide Access to Safe Equipment. You can provide all the training in the world to an employee about how to work safely but if the equipment you provide is faulty none of that training will matter. For example, in a lot of warehouses staff still use ladders to retrieve heavy boxes from top shelves which puts strain on the back and increases the chance of injury. It doesn’t matter how many trainings or back braces you provide, this is an inherently dangerous task. Why not provide scissor lifts for employees instead? Doing so will provide a stable safe platform for your warehouse crew and will result in fewer physical injuries.


  • Dietary Training: In addition to providing a safe physical environment for employees helping them make smart food choices is also good for their long term health. Sponsoring lunchtime “brown bags” where employees bring their own lunch and learn about how to make healthy choices is a great way to start. You can also make sure fruits and vegetables are available for free in break room and if you have a vending machine that it includes more than candy bars and crisps which are loaded with fats and sugars.

Providing employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to live healthier lives is becoming more and more prevalent in businesses throughout the country. Employers are starting to realize that a healthy workforce is a profitable workforce and employees are beginning to understand that taking care of their health now will have long-term benefits.

Alcoholism Among the Australian Immigrant Communities in the US

alcoholHundreds of Melburnians immigrate to the US each year. There are many reasons for why they do so, one of them being job opportunities. While most Melburnians are able to live a healthy and happy life in the US, some of them face many difficulties even after years of staying there. One of these difficulties happens to be alcoholism. Although the rates of alcoholism among Melburnian immigrants is lower than the rates among natural-born citizens, alcoholism is still a significant problem faced by the entire Australian immigrant community. The reason why I’m actually writing this article is to talk about how alcoholism affects immigrant communities in the US. Hopefully, what I write here will prove helpful to Australians who are considering moving to the US.

Why do many immigrants adopt unhealthy drinking habits? One of the primary reasons pointed out by scholars is the stress of acculturation. As an immigrant spends time in their new country, they adopt the culture and lifestyle of the country’s natural citizens. Unfortunately, the process of acculturation can prove very stressful to immigrants. To deal with the stress brought by acculturation, some immigrants start drinking more and more alcohol. When one looks at the statistics, one will see that alcoholism rates among new immigrants is all but nil but that they increase with the number of years spent by an immigrant in the country. While the alcoholism rates among different racial groups are not the same, all immigrant groups experience the phenomenon. Many Australians who didn’t have a drinking problem in their home country have ended up developing one after moving to the US.

The good news is that there are many treatment centres in the US that cater to the needs of different immigrant communities. Orange County is a US county with one of the biggest Australian immigrant communities. When it comes to alcohol addiction treatment orange county immigrants have a lot of options (for more information on this, please visit Unlike other areas, Orange County has a lot of treatment centres which are able to provide quality service to many different groups of immigrants. Many Australians in the area who have drinking problems are able to undergo specialized treatments that effectively curb their addiction. Whether as outpatients or inpatients, the Australian community of Orange County are able to get the best help with regard to alcohol addiction thanks to the presence of culturally competent treatment centres.

“When I entered the treatment centre, I didn’t expect to undergo such an effective program. Every day, we engaged in an activity that helped me and my co-patients effectively recover from our condition. As part of the program, we had to talk to a psychotherapist every week – this along with other activities really worked to wean me off alcohol. Now, I have been sober for about three years,” an Australian immigrant based in Orange County who wishes to remain anonymous told us.

Hopefully, this post will be able to help Australians planning to move to the US. If they think they are at risk of developing a drinking problem, they should adequately prepare for their move and get support from others before they do so. Those who don’t have a history of drinking problems should still at least be mindful of the fact that they could develop such a problem after they immigrate to the US.