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There are so many exciting adventures that await you in Melbourne you simply must create a travel plan so you don’t miss any of the exciting sights or attractions that are here to for you to enjoy.

I would highly recommend you research and make your Hotel Reservations at least 2 months in advance prior to your trip.  Many of the best hotels near and around Melbourne fill up very quickly, especially during the summer tourist season. [Read more...]

My Stay at the Citadines on Bourke in Melbourne Made My Business Trip a Breeze

Citadines buildingEven though I was raised in Melbourne, we currently live outside the city because I often have to travel for business,  I like to make sure that I find a hotel that is comfortable and that has all the amenities that I’d have at home to make my stay all that much better. I also need something that is central to all the places that I would need to visit, so that is why during my last trip to Melbourne I chose to stay at the Citadines on Bourke. This hotel is located right at the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District, and is within walking distance from many popular spots such as the QV Centre, the Bourke Street Mall and Her Majesty’s Theatre. While staying at this hotel, I had access to major financial and business offices, plus all kinds of restaurants that are known the world over as being some of the best. [Read more...]

Major Companies Based in Melbourne, Australia

There might be economy geeks out there wondering what major companies are based in Melbourne. Well there’s a lot because Melbourne is the capital and most populous city of Victoria. It’s a city with an international reputation of being economically, culturally, and socially abundant. In 2013, the Economist Intelligence Unit listed Melbourne as the fourth most expensive city in the world. It’s also considered a center of entertainment, healthcare, research and development, education, sports, and tourism.

So there is no doubt that there are a lot of giant companies here. If you feel like visiting some of them, here’s a short list for you:

Nintendo Australia

Nintendo junkies, here’s a treat for you. This video game giant resides in Scoresby, Melbourne and quietly makes the most intriguing and best-selling video games products of all times right there. Here’s another bomb: the Nintendo Australia office also serves as the Australian office of The Pokemon Company. It handles all licensing issues for the Pokemon anime.

Ford Australia

Better see the office for yourself now while it still exists because it officially announced last year that all designing and manufacturing of cars will stop after 88 years. Manufacturing costs are too huge for the slow sales, apparently.

Gecko Gear

This company makes quality iPod, iPad, and iPhone accessories like skin, stickers, keychain, holders, studs, and whatnots. It keeps a warehouse and design operations office in North Melbourne. It’s pretty well-received among Apple product babies and has expanded to Middle Eastern, European, and Latin American markets. It’s also sold in Radio Shack stores in the US.


Amcom is a huge name when it comes to IT and telecommunications. It provides ICT services for businesses and governments which ensure a fast, efficient, and secured transfer of data. It uses fibre-optic networks and security solutions to provide a variety of services like data an internet services, IP voice, unified communications, and cloud storage in Australia. Amcom just recently closed a deal with the University of Melbourne to implement the Amcom Cloud Collaboration (ACC). It’s sitting at Collins Street, Melbourne, just waiting for you to take a peek.  

Make Your Trip Worthwhile: be a Global Godparent

Besides travelling all around the country and exploring my dear, old Melbourne, one of the things that I’m passionate about is charity work. I am blessed to be part of several communities which actively help the less fortunate. Yes, I am the kind who will volunteer down the nearest soup kitchen when the weather is cold just so I could serve bowls of hot soup to the homeless or those seeking shelter. For me, there is nothing better than the feeling of having made a difference in a person’s life – even for just a moment.

While travelling abroad, I have been able to see how difficult it is to live in a third world country. This may be something that we can hardly be able to imagine because here in Australia, we have everything we need. There’s no scarcity of food and the government sees to it that basic needs are taken care of. We have hospitals, schools and a better than average social service program. However, in other countries, especially the third world ones, even clean drinking water is a luxury.

In Africa, children are starving and are also suffering from AIDS because they inherited it from their parents. As a result, there are more and more orphans who are left abandoned in Churches or in the care of their elderly grandparents, who are themselves poor too. Most of the help they get are from missionaries, so any help from private sponsors will certainly go a long way.

I have been a UNICEF godparent for several years now. The money I send (charged to my credit card) is sent to provide food and medicine to underprivileged children in the most depressed parts of the world. Even if I am unable to personally go there, I know that the small amount I donate is put to good use. I am really proud that UNICEF is actively promoting its sponsor a child in Australia campaign. In essence, donors become a sponsored child’s godparent. The funds are used for food, education or a small livelihood project for the child’s family.

Getting Dental Insurance Before Traveling to Australia

If it is your first time to travel to Australia, you might be busy preparing lots of things. You need to have your travel documents ready. You also need to pack all your essential stuff. You also have to prepare your accommodation and itinerary throughout your trip. However, just before you get too excited, you have to first make sure that you get dental insurance.

This might not seem to be on top of your list, but this is actually very important. A lot of travelers forget that dental problems could happen anywhere. Even if you seem to have healthy teeth, you can still experience dental issues especially when traveling. You might also eat something and break your teeth. Thus, you have to make sure that you have dental insurance. Otherwise, you have to bear the high cost for dental fees in Australia.

Getting Dental Insurance Quotes

The first thing that you have to understand is that not all companies offer dental insurance that are valid for overseas use. There are some that provide such insurance, but only to limited number of countries. Thus, you have to make sure that you are going to partner with companies that will provide dental insurance that can be accredited in Australia. Companies that have their main office in Australia but have branches in your country are perfect options.If you have trimmed down the options, the next thing to do is to get insurance quotes. If you will travel to Australia over a few days, then it is good enough to get insurance coverage during such dates. However, if you are a frequent traveler or if you plan to stay in the country over a long period of time, then it helps if you have a more comprehensive insurance coverage. The amount may vary depending on your chosen package. It also depends on the company that you have chosen. Therefore, you need to be very careful.

Once you are done comparing the options and you have found the right partner, then you are good to go. If you still can’t find the best dental insurance, then visit here.

Getting Ready for Melbourne Cup Day

In November, true-blooded Aussies come to Melbourne to witness the running of the Melbourne Cup. In true high society fashion, ladies and gentlemen dress to the nines (hats and all) and watch the best three-year-old horses run a 3,200 metre race. It’s a big event and the stakes are really high. If you’re a betting enthusiast, this is one of the highlight of your year. However, many people do not realise that the Melbourne Cup is also a big and very important social function .

I have friends who take time off work during this season and take advantage of the holidays. They spend their time in Melbourne shopping, relaxing, taking in the sights and sipping wine during the afternoons under my lovely arched gazebo. There we discuss whether or not to wear a polka dot or feminine frock on Oaks Day.

Derby day, for the benefit of non-locals, is almost always black and white day. It’s the big day and everyone is expected to be in their best attire. There are so-called codes that must be observed as well. For example, no mini skirts, no tube tops and backless dresses. This occasion, although a horse racing event, is characterised by elegance and sophistication. The other year, bestie and I wore matching outfits with peplum waists just to be a little different from our usual plain frocks. We also wore our highest heels and most impressive hats for a fun time at the race tracks.

Betting is also customary. Even though you’re not a race enthusiast, there’s a sense of enjoyment from the experience of filling out a betting slip. We had tried the Pick 6 Races before and it was quite a thrill winning a few dollars afterwards. Admittedly, I never quite understood how the horse race betting worked but everyone seemed to be excited about the prospect of winning some money on the tracks.

The small amount I won was used to buy a bottle of champagne and a nice hunk of steak. My best friend cooked it to perfection and we spent a great dinner with plenty of Melbourne Cup memories and adventures.

Reasons to Visit Australia

Although I might seem biased because I’ve lived here all my life, I’m still going to go ahead and tell you that Australia is one of the most amazing places on Earth. I’m also going to tell you that if you’re planning to have a vacation this year, you need to really consider going here. There are many reasons why you should, and in this post, I’m going to talk about some of them. Hopefully, by writing this article, I’ll get more of my readers to actually make it a point to visit the country.

To me, one of the things that make Australia such an amazing place to visit right now is its music scene. Over the past few years, more and more musicians from Australia have been gaining a lot of notoriety in so many parts of the world, and rightly so. After all, these musicians are really pushing the boundaries of music. One of these musicians happens to be Eggy Azalea. Through her brand of rap music, she has shown the world that Hip-Hop isn’t dead. Now, one of the best things about visiting Australia is that Eggy Azalea and many of her fellow groundbreaking musicians actually make it a point to perform here frequently. Also, the best part is that the tickets to their shows here don’t cost that much compared to the tickets to their shows in other countries. Many times, they’re even free. Granted, the production can seem a little bit lacking, but it doesn’t really matter when what you’re after is hearing the musicians’ music live.

Another amazing thing about Australia is obviously the country’s beaches. It’s always a great time to soak in the sun and swim in Australia’s many amazing beaches. In the morning, the beaches in the country are a great place for families and even groups of friends to have wholesome fun in the sun. At night, the beaches of the country turn into wild party areas. These party areas stretch from one end of a beach to the other. It’s really amazing.

Of course, another thing that makes visits to Australia so amazing is that accommodation can actually be very cheap. The best part is that the cheapest hotels in the area, despite being very affordable, offer very comfortable accommodation to their guests. My friend from Toronto happens to be very particular with roof repair. This is because roofing problems lead to mold growth, and mold easily causes her to have allergic reactions. When it comes to roof maintenance and repairing roofing Toronto citizens make it a point to be very particular, but because of her condition, my friend was especially particular. Unfortunately, the hotel she stayed at during her stay in Australia had roofing problems. Thankfully, even though it was a small hotel, the proprietors were able to take care of the problem promptly. This is considering that it’s a very small hotel. This just goes to show that quality and affordability can go hand-in-hand in Australia.

Hopefully, the things I’ve mentioned here end up convincing you to have a vacation here in the country. Whether with your family or with your friends, you will surely love it here. I can guarantee you this.

Fully Enjoying Melbourne’s Music Scene

Melbourne is one of the best tourist destination in the whole world, and I’m not just saying this because I’m from the place. So many people from all over the world say that Melbourne is definitely one of the best places they have ever visited, so I can definitely say that I’m not exaggerating with regard to the place being amazing. Melbourne has something for everyone, and in today’s post, I’m going to talk about the very thing about Melbourne that draws so many young people: its music scene. Melbourne boasts some of the best bands in the world, and because of this alone, so many tourists from all over the world, especially the younger ones, make it a point to visit the place.

There are so many amazing bands in Melbourne, and one of them happens to be the Rolling Rocks. The Rolling Rocks is currently considered one of the best bands in the world. Hearing their work in the studio is a very different experience from hearing them live. In fact, they’re actually much better live. The good news for everyone is that the Rolling Rocks frequently hold shows in Melbourne. In fact, they actually play in the area at least once a week. Anyone visiting the place should make it a point to watch one of their shows; it’ll definitely be a mind-blowing experience you’ll never forget.

Of course, considering that there are many other bands that one should also make it a point to watch while they’re in Melbourne, one’s vacation may end up becoming too expensive. You might be wondering, just how are the youths able to deal with it? The truth is that many of the young people who are able to fully enjoy thae music scene of Melbourne are able to do so through binary option trading. Anyone can easily augment their travel fund through it.

What exactly is binary options trading? Binary options trading is similar to floor trading, the difference being that it’s done online and doesn’t require one to buy and sell assets. To trade on binary options, people just have to buy options and then predict if the value of the underlying assets they’re for will rise or fall by a certain time. A correct prediction will always lead to monetary rewards. Considering this, it’s easy to see why so many young people are able to make the most of their vacation in Melbourne through it.

Of course, if you plan on doing binary options trading, you better make sure that you create an account at Banc de Binary or some other legitimate brokerage. Your earnings aren’t safe with unregulated brokerages. Many people ended up losing all of their investments by working with an unregulated brokerage.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up being helpful to many of my readers. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about some of the historical sites in Melbourne that one should make it a point to visit. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fine appreciation of culture or not; these historical sites will definitely leave you in awe.

Protect Your Skin from Hyperpigmentation & Other Ravages of the Australian Sun!

If you are travelling to Melbourne (or any other part of Australia for that matter), one thing you definitely need to do is to protect yourself from the sun. Why? You may ask. Well, let’s first take a little detour into geography.

Australia , the largest island on the globe, is subject to wide variations in climate. Most of Australia is a desert or, at best, semi-arid. The south-east as well as south-west segments luckily have a temperate climate, whereas Northern Australia has the trappings of a tropical climate. Moreover, this country has the least rainfall among the seven continents that are inhabited; droughts are a common feature as are brush fires. Australia thus has a hot climate, exacerbated by the seasonal north-south movement of the high pressure subtropical belt, which ferries hot and sinking air along. Australia has showed a worrisome increase in global warming of almost 1°C in the last 100 years.

The Ozone Hole: The Ozone Hole has been defined as a “Hole over tropical West Pacific reinforcing ozone depletion in polar regions.” This gap is an annual phenomenon over Antarctica created chemically by the presence of chlorine in the stratosphere, the formation of which is linked to increased emission of carbon dioxide in Southeast Asia. This gap lets in dangerous UV radiations emanating from the sun and affects Australia and New Zealand to a great extent. The phenomenon as such is nothing new, seen first in the USA decades ago when they were the leading emitters of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). CFC compounds, when irradiated by UV radiation in sunlight, break down into free radicals that contain chlorine at great heights in the atmosphere. The free radicals react catalytically with the ozone, splitting it up. Such CFC-induced Ozone destruction occurs rather rapidly on polar stratospheric clouds, which annually form over the Earth’s poles (mainly the South Pole) during the winter months.

Harmful effects: Overexposure to any form of UV radiation causes sunburn and damage to skin DNA and the eyes. Fair-skinned people are most prone to change of color in the skin and some types of benign skin cancer. As the collagen under the skin gets more and more heat and UV ray exposure, it causes skin to age. Sub-skin segments suffer increasing DNA and immunology system damage and the body triggers release of protective melanin. Melanin causes the UV energy to dissipate as nontoxic heat, and is a first-rate photoprotectant. Melanin prevents DNA damage but darkens the skin, seen as what we call a sun tan. Sun tanning is an absolutely natural body response, but excessive exposure changes sun tan to sunburn and essential vitamin damage through sunburn and excessive UV ray absorption leads to hyperpigmentation, sun spots and malignant skin cancer. Over 2,000 people die of skin cancer every year. Damaged collagen fibers accelerate the aging of human skin.

Hyperpigmentation is the presence of dark spots and discolored patches on the skin. It is fairly common and nontoxic, but is a cosmetic nuisance. Treatment of hyperpigmentation is slow and may include lotions that contain a mix of:

  • Hydroquinone*. Most commonly used and the only skin whitening cream that is FDA approved.
  • Kojic acid. Derived from a fungus and works like hydroquinone.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids. These exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Ascorbic acid. These also exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Azelaic acid. Developed to treat acne, it works well as hyperpigmentation treatment.
  • Tretinoin (Retinol).
  • Topical glucocorticoids.
  • Licorice extract.
  • Mandelic acid. Derived from almonds, it can be used to treat hyperpigmentation.

* Hydroquinone is an antioxidant that whitens skins. It is banned in the EU. The USA banned its use in any form other than creams in 2006, as it was possibly carcinogenic and led to the deposit of blue-black pigments on human skin if ingested as pills. That said, some of the best dark spot removers (e.g. those reviewed on this site) treat hyperpigmentation without the use of hydroquinone.

Dark spot correction: Dark spots are best removed using laser therapy. The alternative is a lengthy procedure using lotions and bleaches. Potato bleach is quite effective as a dark spot corrector.

Precautions: Excessive exposure to bright sunlight is now accepted to be the basic cause for deleterious effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Eighty percent of skin cancer cases are preventable, since damage caused by UV rays is generally avoidable. The following measures can be adopted:

  • Limit time in the midday sun
  • Use shade wisely; use the shadow rule: “Watch your shadow – short shadow, seek shade”
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen copiously
  • Avoid sunlamps and tanning parlors

Common sense says that shade, loosely fitting light pastel color clothing and wide brim hats provide maximum protection.  Apply sunscreen on parts of the body like the face and hands that cannot really be covered and thus stay exposed. A hat also protects your eyes, ears, face, and the back or your neck. A good pair of sunglasses will provide close to total protection from UV rays, thereby reducing chances of eye damage caused by the sun. In short, the importance of UV protection can’t be overstated, and it is not just to combat aging (but if you are looking for anti aging secrets, refer to Look Good Any Age which covers top anti aging skincare methods) but also to protect yourself from more insidious threats like cancer and permanent eye damage. Stay protected!

Experiencing Melbourne for Free

Having a great time in Melbourne doesn’t have to cost a thing. Some of the most fun I’ve had in the city I’ve done for free, and I want to pass those experiences and how to have them along to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here a while or you’re visiting from out of town. These are things that are open to everyone and can be enjoyed no matter what your mood.

The Tour

Tours of Melbourne are common enough, and some of them are worth more than others. But you might find your tour more appealing if you don’t have to pay for it at all. The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is paid for by the government, which means everyone gets a free ride.

And even if you’ve come to Melbourne years ago and used the same service, you might find the tour a little different than it was before. Back in 2007, the responsibility of running the bus system was changed out, as were some of the stops along the tour. Now it visits Flagstaff Gardens, the Melbourne University, Chinatown and the theatres there, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Docklands Stadium and much more.

Basically, you get a look at many of the city’s highlights without the pesky trouble of having to pay for any of it. And there are several buses in the tour system, so if you want to stop off and take some time at one of the stops, you can just catch the next bus when you are ready to go.

Federation Square

One of the stops on that free tour, and one of the newer attractions for Melbourne is Federation Square. For the frugally-minded, there are a number of great things to see and do there. Near the top of most people’s lists will probably be the absolutely free art galleries. You can walk on in, peruse the fine hangings and enjoy yourself without having to search for ticket change.

The kids might find something fun to do at the NGV, or national gallery of Victoria. This gallery features arts and crafts for the kids as well as collections of fine art from all over the world for everyone to appreciate.

There is also a large screen in the square that often displays important sports matches. It’s perfect for people who want to enjoy some fresh air with their sporting events without the ticket prices to sink their mood.

Federation Square also features a theatre and an exhibition area as well as a waterfront. Daily and weekly events are scheduled to ensure the place is always filled with something to do. There’s plenty to see and enjoy as long you don’t mind looking at what is widely regarded as one of the ugliest buildings in the world. Then again, that may be reason enough for some people to come to Federation Square and have a look.

On Your Feet

If you want to experience more of the great things Melbourne has to offer and are up for a bit of walking, you can download a free walking tour. There are plenty of things to experience without having to get into a vehicle, and best of all, you get to travel at your own pace.

If you decide to leave your vehicle parked safely behind its automatic garage door, you can head on over to or Melbourne There you will find visual and audio tours that can be downloaded directly to your phone or other portable device. You can listen to a history of the sites you pass and find out about places you might otherwise miss in a bus tour. Be careful leaving your garage door in Melbourne open because of the higher crime rate that can occur

And if you feel like stopping for a rest and want to try out a new tour, you can connect to one of the numerous Wi-Fi hotspots around the city. Many parks, cafes, bus stations and other public areas have free internet connectivity.

Secret Art

If the art galleries listed above were too stuck up and formal for you, you can find some slightly hidden art exhibits if you know where to look. I’m talking about street art here, so what you will find will likely be different every time you visit. But if you find yourself on Union lane, Duckboard Place, AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane and a few others, you will be able to appreciate a variety of urban art.

These streets also tend to have some great under-the-radar bars, eateries and hangouts for those wanting a something a little different from their social scenes. And if you aren’t sure where to find a diner or pub to your liking, then just ask one of the friendly people on the street. We’re usually not too engrossed in our own tablets and phones to give some help to the people visiting our city.

Looking at Melbourne’s Music Scene

Melbourne, in my humble opinion, has got to be one of the best places in the world. This is not just because I grew up and live in Melbourne. People from all over the world who have visited Melbourne only have good things to say about the place, and it is because it really is that great. For me, the thing that makes Melbourne such a great place is its music scene. The local musicians really rival the best musicians from all other parts of the world. I can even go as far as say as these local musicians are better than them. I admit, I might be being biased here, but my opinions are not that far off from the opinions of foreigners who have heard these musicians. If you are going to Melbourne anytime soon, I highly suggest that you check out the local musicians.

Of course, there are many local musicians here in Melbourne that you can check out. If you can only check out one musical act, I would suggest you check out the Black Kiss. The Black Kiss is a Garage Rock band that I am sure will take the world by storm in a year or two. It is impossible for them not to. Although their music is steeped in tradition, the Black Kiss is actually able to make music that sounds very original and amazing. You just have to hear them to believe them.

If you really want to check out other musical acts too, that is fine. But I have to tell you that ticket prices for shows here can be really expensive. Unless you are well off, I do not suggest that you do such a thing. Then again, I have met some people who were able to do such a thing despite not being rich. They were actually able to afford to attend all the concerts being held here during their visit because they were into binary options trading. According to them, binary options trading is a very lucrative form of online trading that can turn people an easy profit. All they have to do is sign up with a great brokerage. What this is means is that the brokerage is legitimate whilst offering amazing services to its clients. They told me that just by making a couple trades a day, they could make a thousand dollars already. I guess it makes sense, seeing as they were able to attend so many events with the money they earned from it.

Whatever the case may be, I highly suggest that you try to check out Melbourne’s music scene. It does not matter whether you just check one act out or attend as many events as you can; what is important is that you actually hear what Melbourne’s music community has to offer the world. Melbourne should not be thought of as a 2nd-rate country when it comes to music. Melbourne has a rich musical tradition, and I believe it is going to conquer the music world in just a year or two.


Enjoy Public Gardens in Melbourne

There are countless reasons to visit the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, not the least of which is the vast array of beautiful and lush public gardens that the city has to offer. The temperate seasons that make up an almost ideal climate in this part of the continent and as such it provides some of the most alluring natural beauty one could ever hope to see. There is something very special about getting away from the noise and commotion and general busy-ness of city life and being around nature. And the irony is that with Melbourne’s public gardens, you’re actually technically still in the city. Each public garden in Melbourne is a magical place to be sure, each meticulously landscaped and cared for in order to present visitors with a true feast for the eyes. A few of the more popular public gardens are the following:
Royal Botanical Gardens
If you are looking for a tremendous amount of variety in foliage in the garden you visit, the RBG is among the best that Melbourne has to offer. The eucalyptus lawns, palms trees, and camellias make for an enchanting visit and the RBG offers guided walks for a small fee. General access to the Gardens, however, is always free.
Como House Gardens
In South Yarra near the Yarra River is the historic Como House which is home to one of the most stunning and oldest gardens in Melbourne. The grounds are manicured with precision and the Italian mansion to which the Garden belongs is equally beautiful. This particular garden is only open to groups or 10 people or more and with advance booking but if you can meet those criteria, it is well worth the time and effort.
Fitzroy Gardens
As far as historic Melbourne sites are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than Fitzroy Gardens. This amazing conservatory is home to the cottage that once belonged to Captain Cook and includes a mini Tudor village, a dolphin water fountain, and a beautifully paved walkway throughout. It is truly among Melbourne’s finest public gardens.

The Australian Way

My niece traveled to Australia during her last year in college and shacked up on her college's onsite living quarters in Sydney. She absolutely loved it. She couldn't wait to experience the beautiful weather and outdoor adventures that she had heard about during her orientation. When she finally arrived she couldn't wait to learn some new "tricks". In her 6 months spent in Sydney she fell in love with the culture and energy of Australia. She even learned how to surf some big waves! 

School Time 
Although Australia felt like one big adventure she still had to be conscious to keep her grades up and perform whatever scholarly duties she was responsible for. She felt like she was balancing work-life and play-time, very well. That was until she found herself locked out of her rental car. Even though we had warned her against renting her own vehicle, she insisted that it was important for her to be able to travel freely during her time. It was a little unorthodox but she insisted that she needed a vehicle. Our concern for her was more a concern for her new surroundings. Driving around in a new place can be disorienting. 

The Inevitable? 
Eventually she found herself locked out of her rental car… after rental hours. She needed a locksmith but had no idea who would even be open in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily she was able to find a 24 hour locksmith service. This same "problem" had arisen when she traveled abroad to the UK the previous summer. At that time she had become very good friends with the local locksmith, he turned out to be the best locksmith in Southampton! Unfortunately she didn't have the opportunity to make friends with a locksmith in Sydney. Within a few hours though she was able to hunt down a service that arrived quickly and got her into her vehicle safely. 

Traveling is a great opportunity for young people and Australia specifically is a beautiful oasis to be explored! Just make sure in your various travels you are prepared for the unfortunate mishap or circumstance of a lost or stolen key! 

Choosing an Australian City for Residence

If you are thinking about migrating and moving permanently to Australia, one of the major decisions you have to make is choosing a city to live in. Moving to a country can be exciting and adventure-filled; but if you happen to choose the wrong city, then you might regret your decision of migrating. Therefore, it is important to know what your needs and preferences are in order to make the right choice.

Choosing a city to reside in Australia is not as easy as you might think. The country is expansive, covering an area of almost three million square miles. Within its territory lie big and small cities and towns, beaches, rivers and lakes, vineyards, desert, the outback, and several islands as well. One city is different from the next, in terms of climate, population, educational and career opportunities, and general ambience. Because of the variety of options that you have to consider, it is helpful to be familiar with some of the country’s cities before making your crucial decision.

Sydney is the capital of Australia. Like most capital cities, it is a bustling metropolitan with a large number of inhabitants. It is also the financial hub of the country. If you love the fast-paced life and are looking for a lucrative job opportunity, then Sydney can be a good option.

Melbourne is the place for the cultural and history buff, with many musical and entertainment events happening throughout the year. Every January, it hosts the Australian Open, a grand slam tennis tournament featuring the best players in the world. Its Albert Park is also the venue of the Australian Grand Prix, a prestigious Formula 1 racing event. For the creative person, Melbourne’s character and vibe would be a good fit. However, it is also known for very cold winters.

If you prefer a more relaxed life, then you can take a serious look at Adelaide. This city is relatively small and its inhabitants are known for their friendliness. Some liken Adelaide to a Mediterranean city, with its beaches, sunshine and quiet atmosphere. A must-do in Adelaide is a cruise along the Murray River. Similar to the very popular European river cruises, a Murray River cruise will give you a glimpse of the area’s contrasting landscape and the diverse culture of the people.

Beach lovers would love to call the Gold Coast home, with its Surfers Paradise and other famous beaches. This city is a tourist magnet for its numerous theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries and carnival. In this city, the action never stops but living in it can be quite expensive.

To those who like living in the wild, Darwin can be like paradise. Although it is a modern city, it is not as populated as the other cities and is home to many crocodiles and sharks. It also enjoys tropical weather the whole year round. Because of its close proximity to Southeast Asia, many people pass through the city to travel to Indonesia

Whether you are a professional seeking a better career opportunity; or a retiree wanting some peace and quiet; or an adventurer looking for action, Australia has a place for you.